Refrigerator Rations

I woke up extra early to clean the “other” bedroom, you know, the one used for storage.

Wait a minute, nobody does that.

Yep, unfortunately if you’re me, you do. Fortunately, you also made one dang good breakfast to make up for not cleaning it. I give you: Butternut squash and sweet potato hash. Yum!


You see, it all started with a small handful of items almost too pathetic for human consumption. Four “Almost” overripe bananas, 3 cloves of garlic desperately needing to be pressed, half a sweet potato; it was like that song with some calling birds and a partridge and a pear tree. Mmmm, pears.

I dare upload a picture in attempts to avoid care packages of peanut butter and food stamps and phone calls. The Real Reason we are low on supplies, dear friends, is that we’re…dum da da DUM!!!… going on vacation in two days, and I really hate buying food that is just going to sit in the refrigerator for days; the freezer, though, is another story. And, another blog post.

Back to the Hash.

Tastes: Savory, slightly buttery (without the butter).

A side note before you start: Grating vegetables can be a pain and an absolute mess, but it is worth it, so stick with it.


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