Homemade Tahini

Homemade Tahini
Homemade Tahini

The last time I checked, Trader Joe’s was selling tahini for around $5 per teeny jar.  Um?  TJ, I thought we were friends.

$5 for a condiment (unless it’s a large-ish jar of red or green curry paste or even miso) is way too expensive.  At least, this month it is.

Also, for something like a nut or seed butter, it IS actually cheaper to make it instead of buying store bought.  And, it tastes better.  And, you can control what goes in it.  And, you have the luxury of absorbing  raised eyebrows and huge compliments from others that hear of your home-making endeavors.

What?  You MADE your own PB?&!?$@!  That’s incredible!  It seems so difficult!

And, there again, you also have the luxury of deflecting aforementioned raised eyebrows and praise.

It wasn’t that difficult.  Actually, it’s pretty easy.  Now, homemade pitas – that’s… difficult.

You make your own pitas?!!?

Yes.  And, now you, too, can get the raised eyebrow.  Congrats.  You made it!

Homemade Tahini
Homemade Tahini: Needs a little more blending

Homemade Tahini

2 cups sesame seeds
1 teaspoon ground chia seeds (optional – but they’re good for fiber and omega-3s.  And protein!)
an oven

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Put sesame seeds in a DRY (completely ungreased and non-wet) baking sheet or baking pan.  Spread seeds out evenly on baking pan slash sheet.  Bake for 3-5 minutes (just until seeds have slightly changed color – SUPER light brown).  And, now they’re toasted.  Allow to cool, 10 minutes.  Put toasted seeds in a blender and blend until smooth and *buttery.*  You might have to pause a few times while blending to scrape down sides so that the tahini comes out COMPLETELY smooth.  Good luck and happy blending!

I usually store all homemade butters in the fridge, and they keep pretty well for weeks.

Makes 8 oz.


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