Lowered-fat Peanut Butter Schmear

Peanuts: Peeled by Moi.  Would've had more had it not been for the poorly placed trash can :(
Peanuts: Peeled by Moi. Would’ve had more had it not been for the poorly placed trash can 😦
Lowered Fat Peanut Butter Schmear
Lowered Fat Peanut Butter Schmear

That title should not make sense to you, assuming you are adequately versed in Wikipedia ‘s wealth of wisdom.  How’s that for alliteration (slash slight assonance)?  Oh yes, the English is becoming.

I like the word: Schmear.  It reminds me of old guys with no teeth.  And bagels.  And Yiddish.  And Mel Brooks.  It’s wonderful.  It’s also interesting that, according to Wikipedia, “Schmear” denotes butter in some Germanic languages AND is readily tied to fat.  So, peanut butter is the equivalent of peanut schmear, and vice versa.  A few other interesting facts:

  1. the word in Greek refers to rubbing powder
  2. in Yiddish it originally was used for cheese, but later evolved into denoting spreadable cheese

I’m kind of in love with Yiddish.  My husband is Jewish, so maybe that helps.  BUT, I loved it even before we met.  While Wikiped-izing this morning, I came across an article here, of words commonly used in the English language that have Yiddish origins.  It has made me reconsider my usage of the word, “Putz.”  At least, until I find another interpretation.

By default (per Wikipedia), this recipe should not be considered a Schmear.  But, since I love the word and understand the communal efforts of a wiki, I’m ignoring the internet and going with my gut.  Or, at least, my love.

Side Note: the addition of the maple syrup gives the schmear a slightly sweet flavor and helps to mask the beany-ness of the chickpeas.  If you want it sweeter, increase the maple syrup to 2 full Tablespoons or keep it as-is and add a few teaspoons of another sweetener, like: sugar, agave, or for a deeper dimension in flavor – honey.

Lowered Fat Peanut Butter Schmear
Lowered Fat Peanut Butter Schmear

Lowered-Fat Peanut Butter Schmear

1 and 3/4 cup roasted peanuts
2 cups cooked garbanzo beans (or – chickpeas)
3 Tablespoons “milk
1 Tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon molasses
1/2 teaspoon ground chia seeds
a few pinches of salt

Directions: Place peanuts and salt in a blender and *blend* until it is the consistency of a peanut flour.  You might have to scrap down the sides a but in order to reach uniformity.  Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth, pausing at times to scrape sides.  So yum!

Makes: a pint plus 1/2 a cup.  Serving suggestion: dish out 1 cup of this into a bowl.  Sweeten with agave or maple.  Add some chocolate chips and serve with pretzels or graham/vanilla crackers.  Spread between cookies in lieu of ice cream to make “sandwiches.”  Use as a higher protein peanut butter replacement in PB&J or in these cookies.

Lowered Fat Peanut Butter Schmear
Lowered Fat Peanut Butter Schmear

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