Fresh Paint and a Footstool

Oh wow, I haven’t posted in a while.

I don’t exactly know how to start this post, except to say that things have been busy.  And honestly, in writing what I am going to tell you is ownership of the fact that it exists.  A scary fact.


Around three – maybe four? – months ago, my husband and I decided to NOT renew our lease.  Apartment life had grown stale.  The excitement of living in a community (so small) and with a plethora of neighbors (so close) had really mellowed and eventually became a foul odor.

You should have seen the note that Property Management gave out to all tenants who decided to relocate…

Don’t get stuck buying a home.  Renting is so much cheaper.  Think of all the money you’re saving by staying here!

Fresh (and free) paint job upon renewal of lease!

A new apartment paint job is NOT something that would keep us here, and I honestly don’t know what would.  There are greater employment opportunities for my husband if we move.  There is an adventure that calls to us.  There is the unknown.  The potential for relational and individual growth.  The unexpected.  The challenges, the failures, and the times to rise.  And because of this, I look forward to walking out on new paint.

Grandma Bobby's Footstool
Grandma Bobby’s Footstool

We move in 11 days, during which we are selling everything that cannot fit into two cars (one being an SUV).  Only the necessities can stay.  And grandma Bobby’s footstool.  We had come to the decision that furniture was “just stuff.”  And that we would rather save money by not using self-storage units AND by selling it.  In a sense, we are creating for ourselves, a fresh start.  A new paint job.

This probably seems ridiculous.  We just hit the early thirties.  “We” should be settling down and buying a house.  Having kids.  Cutting the lawn.  Baking.

But, I have talked to so many people that settle out of fear.  Miss opportunities, because of anxiety.  Don’t push for more of themselves, because of what it requires.  In that sense, I think we trade truth of what we can have for the lie that uncertainty is bad.  That same-ness is good.  Don’t change.  Don’t go out on a limb.  Don’t want more.

You can tell we DON’T have kids.  Honestly, I hope that *this* doesn’t change *when* we have kids.

In 11 days we move.  In 26 days we hit the road for 7 months.  7 “main” stops, one month each.  East coast to West coast and back.  And back again.

I plan to continue blogging during our road trip and incorporate more of the local flair from around the country.  Hopefully, the recipes will get more creative, it’s only a matter of time.  But, as we move from place to place, we plan on sub-leasing apartments as well as camp.  One minute: chipotle roasted something-or-other, the next minute: something “hot” cooked over an *actual* fire.

Thanks for following me here so far.  Hopefully you join us for the rest of the journey.  Things might get interesting.   Cheers!


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