Chilaquiles are a Mexican food staple.  They are eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  With and without meat.  Have leftover veggies?  Serve with these.  Want to add cheese?  Sure, go ahead.  Hate the idea of cheese in all things Mexican?  (Wait, what!?!  Who does THAT!?! … um, yeah)  Don’t need it.

Seriously, CHILAQUILES are versatile.  And, they’re kind of impressive.  Instead of serving nachos at your next party, sub with these.  You’ll get questions of “What is this?”  “What am I eating?”  followed with sighs of “Oh, this is really good.”  And they’ll be impressed – simply because of the name.  Assuming you can pronounce it.


Chilaquiles: Raw and ready for the oven
Chilaquiles: Raw and ready for the oven.  For some reason, I’m thinking of Luchadores and WWE.  Should have made these Monday…

Good!  And now you’re ready for some cooking action.

Chips: Ready for action
Chips: Ready for action
Chip Mug Shot - Don't hate me, because I'm cheap and salty.  Like a bad date.
Chip Mug Shot – Don’t hate me, because I’m cheap and salty. Like a bad date.

Side Note: If you don’t have tortilla chips, fry some corn torillas (or even flour tortillas… but corn is WAY better – store bought or homemade!) in oil and then break into chip-sized pieces.


five handfuls of tortilla chips (yes, 5!  And, try to use organic, if you have it – corn is one of the highest GMO foods produced in the USA)
1 and 1/2 cup salsa verde (red also works here – store bought or homemade)
oil or cooking spray, for greasing pan (I used coconut oil)
toppings!  (see end of post for ideas)

Directions: Mix Chips and Salsa together.  Interesting, eh?  Place in a greased baking pan and cover (use aluminum foil if you don’t have a cover for the pan).  Bake at 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.  Add toppings.

Potential topping ideas: Raw flesh.  Oh wait, don’t do that.  It was a joke!
Ok, for real this time: Top with…
– “Cheese”
– Sautéed or grilled veggies
– something pickled (Yum!)
– Sliced avocados
– Pico de gallo
– anything else you might put in a taco


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