Blog Organization Update and a Shout-Out

Hi everyone!  First of all, thanks for following.  It’s encouraging to know that there are other people out there “doing life,” just as I am.  Although I have a tendency to keep things basic – throw in a joke or a sarcastic comment every once in a while – (maybe I should get more personal?), I really enjoy reading your blogs and trying your recipes and trying out your ideas.  So, thank you for posting!

Next – hopefully you CAN tell, but if you can’t – I’ve been slightly changing things around a bit in the world of “Life at the Circle,” just to help the traffic flow and make this place a *bit (love that word) more “Intuitive” – terminology my husband likes to use when referring to Apps and Apple products.  Ha!  He’s the technology guru in our little household.  Before him, I had a flip phone #firstworldproblems – and gardening (ie: playing in the dirt) was my relaxation of choice.  And now, I blog to decompress.  It’s nice.

I digress.

In regards to organization – I’ve recently begun exempting captions from photos (although I love them!).  They seem to help “clean up” the overall appearance of posts, and hopefully that has been translated to you when reading.  I’ve also done the same with the thumbnail images you find in each category (or page).  If it’s working, please let me know.

Screenshot: Sides

Also, I created a page called “Sides,” because there are items that cannot be explained as “Add-ins” – because they aren’t exactly additions to a recipe (a recipe within a recipe) – AND – they don’t have sufficient “Heartiness” or too much of it (!) to be classified as a “Main” – like potato salad.  Although I would love to eat a HUGE bowl of this stuff (and to be honest, I almost did that for lunch), it would be bad.  And, who wants to face the repercussions of potato the next day?

Screenshot: Sides

At our next month-long stop along the road (we’ll be in Colorado at this point), I plan to re-make and re-shoot some of the crappy “I just began experimenting with food photography” pictures from earlier posts and even those awful “night posts” (like the ones below)- and hopefully help to “pretty” them up a bit. So, stay tuned.

Savory Kitchen Sink Scones

Roasted Tofu and Veggies with Plum Sauce

Red Curry with Root Vegetables


As always – from the bottom of my Southern girl’s heart –

Thanks for following!

– Lauren


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