Travel Light

Due to being on the road, I’ve been working up some easy travel-friendly recipes – because they’re yummy and can be eaten at room temperature (and – casserole and cake recipes aren’t exactly an easy thing to make right now, although I plan on giving it a try pretty soon!).

Travel friendly recipes

And honestly, they’re great for being “on the go,” while not having full access to a kitchen all the time.  Since the start of our trip – around mid-september (which was only a few weeks ago), my husband and I have been sharing spaces with, basically strangers.  And, although we enjoy this time and use it as an opportunity to simplify and grow, we’re still in the process of learning how to adapt to our new lifestyle.

Like – tupperware containers.  They are good for traveling, and somehow – we missed this in all of our packing and planning for a seven-month road trip.  Fortunately, there are restaurants that will give you a food storage item, even when you aren’t purchasing anything from them – like the pizza box (above).

Although you can easily search “Picnic” food using the search box, I’ve pulled together some of the travel-friendly recipes we’ve made on our trip – ones that pack well and taste great without a microwave.  Hopefully they provide you with a little inspiration during your travels!

Pasta Salad with Chickpeas and ArugulaPasta Salad with Chickpeas

Smoky Potato Salad with ArugulaSmoky Potato Salad with Arugula

Cranberry-Vanilla BarsVanilla Cranberry Bars

Bean-Avocado SpreadWhite Bean and Avocado Spread

Potato Salad with DillPotato Salad with Dill

Life at the CircleBBQ’d Veggie Poboy

Mediterranean Grilled SandwichGrilled Mediterranean Sandwich

Fiesta Picnic SaladFiesta Picnic Salad

Apricot Kissed Protein BarsToo Easy Protein Bars


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