Dehydrating Mushrooms – With An Oven

Dehydrating Mushrooms in an OvenFor the remainder of the week, my husband and I are staying with family in northern Colorado, to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with those we love.  For Lifeatthecircle blog, this equates to better pictures due to a broader source of natural lighting and a wider variety of natural backdrops.  Beautiful pictures are here!

Dehydrating Mushrooms in an Oven Dehydrating Mushrooms in an OvenApart from carrying a full-size refrigerator with us on top of our car across the counry, dehydrating is an efficient way  to store items that will eventually perish; like fruit and vegetables, and especially – specialty produce.  And, if you have the time (do it while you sleep!) and an oven, then there is no reason not to.

Stopping at a place like Hazel Dell for mushroom stuffing ingredients was a no brainer.  And buying extra to take on the road with us?  Not even a question; of course we would.Dehydrating Mushrooms in an Oven

Dehydrating Mushrooms, Oven-Style


Something to Dehydrate (I used a one pound mix of Cinnamon Cap and Lion’s Mane mushrooms)

Baking sheet(s)

Clean kitchen towel

An oven

Directions: Clean produce (in this case: mushrooms) and lay on kitchen towel to dry.  Preheat oven to the lowest setting it will allow (mine was 170 degrees).  Lay produce (or, mushrooms!) in a single layer on baking sheet (if you need to use more than one, do so).  Place in oven and allow to “cook” around 8-10 hours, depending on the density of your produce.  Note: check after 1-2 hours of dehydrating, for liquid formation on pan.  If it’s there, pour it off.  Also, check to make sure that your produce isn’t sticking to the pan.  If it is, it should peel off.  Place back in oven to continue “cooking,” then check at least once more throughout process.

When produce is dry and brittle, it’s done.  Place in ziploc bag and seal tightly.

Note: one pound fresh mushrooms will produce one small sandwich bag of dehydrated goodness.


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